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For a great time together.  Please read this chapter with care.

Through mail

  • Before you book, please make sure you have read about my rates and acknowledge that it is NON-NEGOTIABLE. I invested a lot into this career and I always do my best at offering the greatest experience. It does hurt my feelings to receive negotiation requests :(.

  • Please double check your email adress before submitting a form. I have a few instances where the suitor put an email missing a letter and our date was delayed. x_x

  • Please do not asking soliciting questions due to the law we are under. While I will be trying my best to make you happy, please leave your wishes in the booking form.

  • Please DO NOT demand other providers to provide the same benefits. I cannot believe I have to say this but it has happened before.
  • What happens during the date should always stay between us.
  • I do not provide reference to other providers.

in person

  1. Please place the donation in somewhere visible AT THE BEGINNING of our date. Once this part is over and done with, we can have our fun.

  2. Please DO NOT film/take photos during the session otherwise I would unfortunately have to leave the matter to law enforcement. Hint: A phone-free session will provide you with the best quality time with me!

  3. Do ask me anything during a date! However, if I say “It’s a secret ;).”, the answer is final.

  4. It is true that dating me comes with a great number of wonders and perks. However, as happy as I am to be generous with time and logistics. I hope my suitors can be appreciative rather than being demanding and entitled.

  5. If  I feel my safety and privacy is being greatly compromised, I reserve the right to leave the date without a refund.


  1. I am open to date all races, genders, sexual-orientations and nationalities as long as you agree and adhere to my code and conduct, sorry for the use of word “conduct”. 

  2. I have never been rejected upon meetup before nor have I ever cancelled/delayed an appointment. I provide all authentic photos and description, without overdone editing & embellishing. I have great respect for your time, it will be nice if such attitude is reciprocated.

  3. If under some unfortunate circumstances you have been banned from seeing me again, please move on and/or find another date that vibes with you better. 

  4. If we bump into each other in public, please act like we do not know each other. I am not Claire in my daily life, the doppelgänger girl sadly won’t know you :). 

  5. A good number of my clients are people with a certain level of influence thus “ultra-discretion” mode is automatically on. This also means I will fight back fervently in case of doxxing/stalking/prying on my client lists attempt. Do not take this lightly.

 ❤️  Luxury  Companion & Dating Concierge ❤️

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