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For a great time together, please read with care.


 I invested a lot into this business and I always do my best at offering the greatest experience. It does hurt my feelings to receive negotiation requests :(.


I can’t emphasis this enough. So I will say this again, in ettiquete section.

I do not allow any reviews or discussions about our session 

Not to anyone, be it another friend or another provider. If you would like to say something nice, please subit a testimonial on Scarelt Blue. 

social time

Is compulsory. I am a companion type escort (think about a Geisha!), I provide great conversations and arrange wonderful activities. It’ll be a waste to take this part off our date, don’t you think so?

asking questions

Please be respectful when asking me questions. Questions like “Do you consider to be a flight attendant?” will be ground of immediate termination for further communications. This really sounds ridiculous.

I am not sacrificing my high paying daily job to cater to your fetish.

Nothing against flight attendants, change the term into doctor/teacher/whomever you’re fantasizing about. 


DO NOT film/take photos during the session otherwise I would unfortunately have to leave the matter to law enforcement. Hint: A phone-free session will provide you with the best quality time with me!


If  I feel my safety and privacy is being greatly compromised, I reserve the right to leave the date without a refund.

is prohibited.

It is illegal in every place I’ve worked. Attempt to solicit in your enquiry email will decrease your booking priority and might be a ground for immediate termination of further communication.


I grant one reference per date only for gentlemen I have seen in the US.

I do not provide references in Singapore.

Donation balance is to be settled at the first 10 minutes of our date. Kindly put it in a sealed envelope and hand it to me discreetly.

I accept SGD/USD (rounded up to the nearest $50) with no additional convertion cost. USD is happily accepted on any international tours. 

mutual respect

I have never been rejected upon meetup before nor have I ever cancelled/delayed an appointment. I provide all authentic photos and description, without overdone editing & embellishing. I have great respect for your time, it will be nice if such attitude is reciprocated.

just in case

If we bump into each other in public, please act like we do not know each other. I am not Claire in my daily life, the doppelgänger girl sadly won’t know you :). 


A good number of my clients are people with a certain level of influence thus “ultra-discretion” mode is automatically on. This also means I will fight back fervently in case of doxxing/stalking/prying on my client lists attempt. Do not take this lightly.

 ❤️  Luxury  Companion & Dating Concierge ❤️


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