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HEllo darling

Meet Claire: A Japanese ethnic lady of wonder, a very-well educated intellectual muse, an enigmatic brunette model, student and business woman who has spent her life living across the globe. I have spent the longest living in Singapore and I consider myself very well-versed with local culture. 

From afar: I stand 5’4 (162cm), with natural 32D cup and a 24 inch (60cm) waist. Needless to say, I take great care and pride in my physique!

 I am in my earliest 20s and often told that my mind, intelligence and achievements are far beyond my age. You can think of me as an old soul trapped in a young body.

Always dressed in a sophisticated, feminine style (pictures say a thousand words), I am the perfect companion and concierge for every single occassion, be it a romantic candlelight dinner or a business event.

Sorry for my dry style of writing. But soon you will find out that my talents lie in the more abstract fields: Music, Fine Arts and a thousand more…

If you are intrigued, I guess it is time for us to MEET UP and unravel the mystery together…


the perfect girlfriend

A date with me is a truely magical one, with my pleasure to please, quick wit and never-draining creativity, I can make many things possible. Be careful that I am highly addictive and often leave my dates longing for more.

Brought up in a family with great class, elegance and heritage, I am your perfect companion for every occasion: business, leisure or something… crazy.

A zero upon-meeting rejection record, all positive feedbacks and an almost-promised returning date are the perfect proof that I am eveything as described & beyond.

the model

Readily available photosets for sale. I can also do bespoke photoshoots. I love modeling in different types of fashion thanks to previous modeling experiences.

I am a collector of designer dresses and outfits, as well as lingeries. My collection never fails to amaze, soon you will find out that I fit perfectly in everything.

Curious to know more?

How am I like

Ambitious, boldacious, charismatic, dainty, elegant, feminine…… You’re welcome to add more.

Bachelor-level eduction plus a highly desirable major. Well-adept in classical music and fine arts. (as you can tell from my website design!).


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