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HEllo darling

Meet Claire: A Japanese ethnic lady of wonder, a very-well educated intellectual muse, an enigmatic brunette model, a vixenish beauty from your fashion magazine (quote from a client review) who has spent her life living across the globe. I have spent the longest living in Singapore and I consider myself very well-versed with local culture. 

From afar: I stand 5’4 (162cm), with natural 32D cup and a 24 inch (60cm) waist, a typical slim hourglass shape with no tattoos.

Needless to say, I take great care and pride in my physique! I am in my earliest 20s and often told that my mind, intelligence and achievements are far beyond my age. You can think of me as an old soul trapped in a young body. That is also why I have a hint of charm from the old world. I have a great passion for fine arts, as you can see from my website designs. Classicals and jazz are my to-gos. 

Brought up in a family with great class, elegance and heritage, I always dress in a sophisticated, feminine style (pictures say a thousand words), I am the perfect companion and concierge for every single occassion, be it a romantic candlelight dinner or a business event. A date with me is a truely magical one, with my pleasure to please, quick wit and never-draining creativity, I can make many things possible. Be careful that I am highly addictive and often leave my dates longing for more. 

If you are intrigued, I guess it is time for us to MEET UP and unravel the mystery together…


the perfect girlfriend

I love to arrange a date full of surprises for my gentlemen and I will be equally delighted to receive surprises! I have led my dates to discover my secret natural habitats, whether it is an exotic bar, a luxury staycation, a new dining experience, or just simply a beautiful view here in Singapore that you have never seen before…

A zero upon-meeting rejection record, all positive feedbacks and an almost-promised returning date are the perfect proof that I am eveything as described & beyond.

the model

Readily available photosets for sale. I can also do bespoke photoshoots. I love modeling in different types of fashion thanks to previous modeling experiences.

I am a collector of designer dresses and outfits, as well as lingeries. My collection never fails to amaze, soon you will find out that I fit perfectly in everything.


First and foremost, I do love luxury service and hospitality industry. Luxury is to be the epitome of excellence and wonder, while hospitality is to create leisure and satisfaction… exactly what a date with Claire aims to provide!

On a darker side, I realised that I had some problems being a people pleaser. However, I decided to turn it into my advantage instead: my geniune wish to make people happy helped me thrive in this line of work.

At the same time I learnt to be more honest with myself, be firm with my boundaries and be used to spoilings and nice gifts thanks to you all. The journey has been very therapeutic.

It is quite visible that I invested a lot into this dating service, I am happy to see it grows and blooms.

However, from a business model POV, escorting is not able to create a significant scale of value by nature, mainly because it is non-expandable: I am still selling solely my time and it is illegal to sell other people’s time in this industry :). 

If I want to pursue real money someday, I’d opt for something else. This is a little profitable side hobby for me. I would let my mind run wild and free here.

Good Grills hands down. Authentic Izakayas and Omakase. Exotic cuisines like Mexican, Peranakan, German and Middle Easterm. White cheese, truffle and foie gras are my favourite ingredients. I love every kind of good food and will leave you wondering how a small body can take them all.

Vintage wine, whiskey and champagne. Good things are worth waiting :).

Esperesso Martini, Whiskey Sour and Irish coffee are my top picks for classic cocktails. I will never say no to bespokes. Manhattan bar complements my dressing style and your experience with me the best-est.

During covid, I am left with: classical instruments & classical singing, reading about history, business and game theory, painting and design, chess and board games ……

Gyming, hiking, swimming and yoga. They are my secrets to keeping a slim shape while devouring lots of good food.

Collecting fashion. Let me have my most narcissistic moment for a while… I have a perfect manequin hour-glass shape. You will find that I can pull off any elegant dress right off the runway, or any type lingeries that you think is a turn-on. 

Playing with horses and cats. My favourite two kinds of animals. 

That is an increasingly popular question that really makes me thrill! Thank you for your support, I am working on some online content ideas for sale.

sending me lingerie/outfit giftcards so that I can do a shoot for you is definitely an option!

However as my time is very limitied, I will not be providing video calls. I am not confident that I can provide such service up to par with my standards.

I am definitely touring after COVID restrictions are lifted! You can choose to FMTY or FTM (Fly to me!!)!!

I have been receiving an overwhelming amount of enquiries and it is not logistically possible to accept every single booking. 

My style focuses on connection, depth and sophistication. I enjoy intimacy paired with a certain level of care, romance or intellectual stimulation. If I sensed that you are exclusively looking for something solicit, mechanical and skin-deep, I will kindly reject your request. Please find a provider that suits your taste better.

Since December 2020, though the professionalism I deliver tends to give off the impression that I am highly experienced. I had formal experiences in business building, as well as in the hospitality industry. I found these skills to be highly transferrable.

I completely understand your concern due to the prevalent dishonesty in the local industry. I had my real photo verified across different websites and I had a 0 rejection record so I never thought about an in-person cancellation fee. In fact, you should be more worried about the potential addiction ;). All the photos are collaborated efforts between me and my beloved photographer(s).

I am often told that I look better than my photos and I look like a famous Japanese actress!

I have a flexible time schedule and I am a veteran when it comes to time planning, of course thanks to the supports and helps from my assistants.

I tend not to reject a booking if you sound nice and intersting while I am available, so kindly fill up the booking form and keep an open mind.

Evening dates are very popular, I would recommend booking 4 hours and above to avoid disappointments. Same day bookings are very likely to be rejected.

About the volume: after being in the industry for a while, I can somehow confidently say:

The law of economy tells that for this rate, this profile and this standard of service I provide, it is impossible to not get overwhelmed by demands and pampers :). You can explore semi-exclusive options with me if you are an established client.

POSSIBLY. Time to book quick before I do so! Reason being that my date slots are very much taken and it is becoming increasingly challenging to keep a low volume. 

I did receive several comments on how similar profiles are charging much more – but we should take Singapore income level into consideration. In light of that, I do not want to set my rates too high. There are many who’d book me for a dinner date or overnight date regularly. I do not wish to reach a point where only 7-figure earners can enjoy me while keeping a healthy spending habit. As much as you wish for my success, I care for your well-being too.

That being said, tips and SPOILINGS are always welcome…..


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