Claire Uesaka

 ❤️  Luxury  Companion & Dating Concierge ❤️

intenational friends:

With the travel ban lifting, I will be planning private tours overseas a few times a year!

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Spoilers alert: Germany, USA (always), Hongkong & Japan!

hello darling

meet claire uesaka

A Japanese ethnic lady of wonder, a very-well educated intellectual muse, an enigmatic brunette model, a vixenish beauty from your fashion magazine (quote from a client review) who has spent her life living across the globe…

I am in my earliest 20s and often told that my mind, intelligence and achievements are far beyond my age. You can think of me as an old soul trapped in a young body. That is also why I have a hint of charm from the old world. I have a great passion for fine arts, as you can see from my website designs. Classicals and jazz are my to-gos. 


Height:  5’4 (162cm)     

Weight: 105lbs-108lbs depending on my mood.

Measurements: 34D- 24 – 34

Dress Size: UK4-6, US 0, FR34

Personality: INTJ who loves witted romance. 

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Brought up in a family with great class, elegance and heritage, I always dress in a sophisticated, feminine style (pictures say a thousand words), I am the perfect companion and concierge for every single occassion, be it a romantic candlelight dinner or a business event. 

A date with me is a truely magical one, with my pleasure to please, quick wit and never-draining creativity, I can make many things possible. Be careful that I am highly addictive and often leave my dates longing for more. 

I love to arrange a date full of surprises for my gentlemen and I will be equally delighted to receive surprises! I have led my dates to discover my secret natural habitats, whether it is an exotic bar, a luxury staycation, a new dining experience, or just simply a beautiful view here in Singapore that you have never seen before…


All my reviews are on Scarlet Blue, which is the only platform where I allow reviews, to avoid explicit attentions. It will be very kind of you to leave some words after our rendezvous. One thing I know is that I never disappoint :).

fun facts about claire

I am still regularly seeing my first ever client. Over 80% of my regulars only book dates of 3 hours and above.

Favourite foods: Good Grills hands down. Authentic Izakayas and Omakase. Exotic cuisines like Mexican, Peranakan, German and Middle Easterm. White cheese, truffle and foie gras are my favourite ingredients. 

Espresso Martini for favourite cocktail!

My availability is different for new friends vs. regulars. I am aiming to lower my volume this year, so I do not give grandfathered rate anymore. 

I can’t go for fashion boutique shopping dates in Singapore due to discretion.  (Adult toy store shopping dates are highly encouraged, though.) Pampers should be saved for traveling!

Donation, gift cards and lingeries will be the safest bets! or better: things we can share during the date!


My hobbies are classic music, fine arts, reading about history and finance, scuba diving, gym activities and bar-hopping.

Boardgames with cocktails/wine/whiskey is one of my favourite date activities. As well as shows/concerts.

 ❤️  Luxury  Companion & Dating Concierge ❤️


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