Let's talk about catfishes

8th sepetember 2021, by caire uesaka
    lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.
    “he was being catfished by a cruel prankster”

Recently, a date mentioned to me about another encounter with an escort after deposits, which was, not the least pleasant. And how that caused trust issues with the subsequent providers he chose to meet.

(Blurred out potentially offensive negative phrases)

"We arranged a meetup, I submitted the deposit as she told me to, but she..."

I told him not to worry and this is a completely reasonable concern. When I just started work, with very few social media contents and around 5 photos, one of my first clients said it was difficult for him to believe that I was real. He soon became my regular. After some time, he confessed that at first he was expecting me show up a morbidly overweight lady trafficked from another southeast Asian state, not at all the age nor the ethnicity I claimed to be, with a copy-pasted email template to pretend I speak decent English. 

I couldn’t help to feel amused and laugh to the comment, but soon afterwards I started to feel very sorry for these gentlemen who just wanted an authentic companion: Frauds and dishonesty are a norm to be expected and “integrity” became a rare value instead. And that, unfortunately, is the reality of Singapore’s provider market. 

But how, do I spot a catfish?

First thing you can look out for is plagiarism. Back to the first “catfish-er” incident, after skimming through Lisa Ang’s website, I sensed something familiar and fishy… turned out that she copy pasted the entire “description” and “etiquette” from another two well-known providers, one is a local and one is based overseas. An authentic companion always has a unique, original personality. Just like someone who frauds an ID is probably a criminal, a stolen paragraph of self-introduction is almost always a sign of a catfish. 

Stolen "about me" from Rachel Ozawa
Stolen "Etiquette" from Risqué Rebecca

Stolen Photos are extremely common among catfish-ers. This is probably nothing new if you have heard about Tinder catfishes. Lisa Ang stole all her pictures from an Onlyfans content creator – Rikako Katayama.

one trick to identify photos: many cat-fishers steal photos from overseas providers. try to look for singapore hotels and landmarks in their photosets, authentic providers are more. likely to have these included, which might possibly include (non-exhaustive):
Ritz Carlton Millenia
St Regis Singapore
Hotels in Sentosa
Marina Bay Sands
Other landmarks
Raffles Hotel


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